make me choose: alex and meredith or alex and lexie [asked by anon]

we stick together

dark and difficult times lie ahead

A daft old man, who stole a magic box and ran away.

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 10 favorite celebrities » Natalie Dormer

I’ve always been a black sheep. That’s a hard thing to be until you find your calling in life. I was bullied a lot at school, probably because I was perceived to be different from everyone else.

Nature Under Constraint And Vexed 

”It’s not true we are taking different paths. You are my path. You’ve always been my path, and you will always be.”





there is not a better feeling than someone playing with your hair

Or running their fingers down your back.

Unless you thought you were alone.

And now, the weather.


The things we will miss most about the Eleventh Doctor.

Pompeii (Gender Pitched) - Bastille

367,279 plays



(pitched to different “gender”)

Sorry for low-tier quality, I just really wanted to hear what this would sound like. 


make me choose:  fallenmoongirl asked: sansa stark or daenerys targaryen

Frozen; colour palette (insp)

I feel like I owe him something, and I hate owing people. Maybe if I had thanked him at some point, I’d be feeling less conflicted now. I thought about it a couple of times, but the opportunity never seemed to present itself. And now it never will. Because we’re going to be thrown into an arena to fight to the death. Exactly how am I supposed to work in a thank-you in there? Somehow it just won’t seem sincere if I’m trying to slit his throat. 

comealongstiles asked: if i say i like sansa, is that good or bad? just wondering

is this regarding the text post i reblogged earlier?
well i’d say that in a series full of manslaughter, characters who torture people for pleasure and/or fun and rape young women and abuse children, if you still find sansa one of your least favourite characters i think you need to sit down and reevaluate your choices